Arthur Pigchaser III

Fat and stupid. Considered to be almost entirely useless.

Failed Pig Herder

Level 1
Unaligned (Lawful)

Strength 4 (-3)
Constitution 16 (+3)
Dexterity 3 (-4)
Intelligence 3 (-4)
Wisdom 3 (-4)
Charisma 3 (-4)

Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 236 lb

Abandoned as a child, Arthur found refuge in a local farmers pig pen. Having been raised by pigs, his habits, hygiene, eating habits, and the majority of his behaviors very closely resembled his swine parentage. So much so, that the farmer failed to notice he was indeed a human for the first 15 yrs of his stay. Seeing as he was raised as one, the Farmer decided to attempt to employ Arthur to tend to his pigs. However, it quickly became apparent that Arthur was naturally dull witted, slow, irresponsible, and for the most, just acted like a pig. After several other failed attempts at finding something else he can do, and concluding that he would make rather foul tasting bacon, he decided he might as well just return him to his pen where he grew up. Unfortunately, after experiencing how much more they like their life without him, the pigs quickly decided they no longer wanted Arthur around. So shortly after his reintegration into their society, the pigs banned together and mauled Arthur to death in a pool of mud and feces. No one mourned his death

Arthur Pigchaser III

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